Wish List Time

I meant to post this video to the blog several weeks ago. We visited the Rec Center in Georgetown earlier in the fall. We discovered that Lucy is a natural. Although Lucy doesn’t know this, the scooter is on her wish list for gifts from Grams. I’m pretty certain she wants some kind of wand, too.

Lucy does know what a present is. But she doesn’t fully understand Christmas enough to have a true wish list yet. I will enjoy this last year of peace and full control over her gifts.

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  1. Sarah D.

    Jed got one a few weeks ago (we would have saved it for Christmas, but we won it at a silent auction at his school and he knew we had it), and he loves it. Make that LOVES it. And he loves his super-cool helmet that looks like a shark… hard to picture based on that descripton, but it’s pretty kicking.

  2. Dada

    Does she not read this blog?

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