Wine, Bid & Boogie

For all of you who are in and around Stokes County (or the NC Triad area) this weekend, please go by and bid on my piece at the Stokes County Arts Council’s Annual “Wine, Bid and Boogie.” I recently finished this piece in a very productive week of creating art. Here is a little more about creating the piece.

When I heard about the event, I knew that I had to donate this piece to it. First of all the SCAC was a very important part of who I am. As a child, this organization was strong and thriving in our county. My mom was a member, so we went to plays at South Stokes, art auctions, took classes at the library, roamed around the Stokes Stomp, and met people all over the county I probably would have never met otherwise. I loved the fact that my mom exposed me to all of these wonderful people and artists, many of whom were world renowned and picked this little county place to live and create. How magical.

Second, “Wine, Bid and Boogie” is located on the left side of the slight bottom curve of the stitched line. I really wanted to order a set of Moo cards that had a close up of the art work with “You Are Here” printed and pointed to the field. Good idea, but just not enough time.

I am not going to be able to join the event. But I am very excited about it and have been telling everyone I know to stop by. It is actually much longer event than I originally thought – 3:00 – 7:00 pm tomorrow. I have heard that it is a lot of fun. Sounds that way in the title, anyway.

I have received mixed feedback on my piece, so please bid. I want you to drive the price up. I am certain that I will be in touch with Alex or Mom via the magic of cell phones. So if nothing is happening, they will be sure to swoop in and buy it for me. But all of the money goes to a great cause – art education in the schools, community centers and retirement homes. Plus since I am considered a local artist all the way up here in DC, you will likely see me with a solo show hopefully some time in 2009. And you might as well get on the mailing list now so that you can plan early. Right?

Also, I decided to turn this into a series of 25. This is the first of the edition. Others will be for sale in the very near future on Etsy. But if you can’t wait for me to set up a shop, just leave a comment and I will stitch one up for you.

Happy Memorial Day and Happy Birthday, Jason!!!

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About the art work:
Artist: Caroline Rutledge Armijo
Title: Moon Over Friendship
Edition: 1/25
Date: April 2008
Medium: Digital Photograph Printed on Piezo Pro Matte Canvas, stitched with cooking twine
Finished Size: 16” x 20”

Artist statement: This is a stitched photograph of a blurry moon I captured while riding down Friendship Road, on which I lived from the age of two until I left for college. The line is actually a map of Friendship Road captured using Google maps. Sometimes I walk down this road in my dreams, although I never have actually walked the five miles in real life. I was the eighth generation to live on the land located in the northern part of the road. Throughout the process of creating the piece, I thought about time I spent with my grandparents as a little girl. It was like I was reconnecting with my grandmother, who did handiwork while watching her stories, and my grandfather, who drove back and forth to Friendship when he worked on the farm, just a few hundred yards from our family farm. The twine references the tobacco twine that we used in the tobacco priming process. My grandma also had a spool that she kept on her basement steps and used it for various household chores. I later took the spool for myself.

Event Details
Wine, Bid and Boogie Art Auction
Saturday, May 24, 2008
Wine, Bid and Boogie Art Auction scheduled for Saturday, May 24, 2008, 3-7 p.m. at the Germanton Gallery/Winery, Hwy 8/65, Germanton, NC. Held on the banks of the beautiful Town Fork Creek, enjoy wine tasting by Germanton Winery, music by The Martha Bassett Band, and bid on original artwork by national and local artists such as Scott Burdick, Luke Buck, Heiner Hertling, Frank Duncan, Rebecca Dresser, Jan Lukens and more. Food will also be available for purchase. Tickets are $12 for SCAC members, $15 advance, and $20 at the gate the day of the event. For tickets or information, contact the Arts Council at 336 593-8159.

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