Who’s That Girl?

Lucy has definitely hit her six week growth spurt, which is how I
comfort myself with this constant feeding. But she hasn’t grown THAT

Meet Nia! Nia arrived in this world on March 31st. She is also the
inspiration for me having Amy as my pastor/doula. The week Nia was
born, I was seriously considering whether or not to hire a doula. Amy
came up to me at church and said, I have to tell you about Natalie’s
birth. I was there for the whole thing. It was so great.

Aha! Right then and there, I decided on the spot that Amy would be the
perfect doula. Good call because all of the GWU staff asked who she
was because she was the best doula they had ever seen.

Fast forward twelve weeks, Natalie and I had our first mother’s
morning something/lunch/play date. It was great. Granted Nia came into
the world at nine plus pounds, which is still bigger than Lucy at six
weeks. But it’s always nice to have a glimpse of the next stage. Nia
enjoyed Lucy’s activity mat and bouncy seat. We picked up lunch from
California Tortilla.

Lucy unintentionally met William from the party on the corner. He even
rescued her pacifier from underneath Natalie’s car. He told me to boil
it before I gave it back to her. Fortunately I have two on hand, but
maybe I should pick up a couple extra for similar circumstances.

This wasn’t Nia’s first visit. On Wednesday, May 13th, Natalie brought
over the changing pad half an hour before rush hour. I had been
shopping all day Tuesday running my final errands. I drove deep into
Northern Virginia. I went to Ikea, Target, Babies R Us and down to
Stafford to pick up a few more items from the person I bought the
Bugaboo Bee. I had one more stop at Buy Buy Baby, but I had just
enough time to make it home and waddle down to Oyamel for Khoa’s
birthday celebration. I sat on those horrid stools as long as I could
before finally leaving the group behind. I invited everyone back to
see the nursery, which they obliged with Red Velvet cupcakes in hand.

So on Wednesday, I put away all of my new treasures, set up the
changing table and put all of the hand me downs and several new
outfits in the laundry. I talked to Kim for about an hour about I
don’t know what. Soon after Natalie arrived with the changing pad. I
was so scared she would get a ticket, so she didn’t even sit down.
Instead we stood next to her car and finished our conversation as the
parking ticket person approached. I knew it!

That night I had a meeting at church. Amy was leaving on sabatical
right after my due date. As a member of the pastoral relations
committee, I was asked my greatest fear in terms of her absence.
Honestly, it was a personal one with her as my friend. I was afraid
about having my baby and her leaving soon after. I guess it was good
for me to be honest, as I tried not to let my emotions loose.

I was miserable. I could barely walk and I didn’t know how I would
make it three more weeks. Earlier that week, I saw an older woman
buying an EPT from Bed Bath and Beyond. I tried to avoid making eye
contact out of common courtesy. I didn’t want her to see how miserable
I was and scare her.

The entire church meeting I just thought about how I could get ahold
of the brownie pan across the table from me. I finally managed a
little bite before slowly walking home admist the crowd of excited
Caps fans.

It was game seven of the NHL Chanpionship. Carol had let me borrow her
parking space, but I needed to move my car by 9 or so. So I was doing
legit church business and decided to park at the church before the
meeting and move the car on Thursday.

I thought nothing of it that night when I told my mom I thought that I
was ready. I was finally resting on the couch. After receiving the
changing pad, I was only missing a brush. Mom laughed and told me she
didn’t think a brush was necessary.

Next thing you know, I was emailing Amy and calling my mom at 6 am. My
water broke around 5 am. As I have shared before, Henry didn’t arrive
home until 2, so he wanted me to get back in the bed. But I ignored
him and continued packing, cleaning, eating and getting ready. It
wasn’t until about 6:20 that we realized Henry needed to get the car,
but the garage was closed until 7. Opps… Maybe that wasn’t such a
good idea after all.

Amy called to check on me and I confessed. Coincidentally Sam had an
early practice and she could pick us up around 7:30. Not to worry. And
I didn’t. I remained calm and collected. I only once fussed at Henry
as he made a snarky comment. I told him that I was not married to
Larry David and he needed to stop saying whatever it was he was
baggering about. The calm openess and meditation of opening rosebuds
worked, because as we covered earlier, I dilated a lot sooner than my
chief resident or anesthesiologist ever anticipated. I was completely
dilated by noon and missed my window for an epidural. That was the
instance where being calm didn’t work in my favor. They didn’t believe
me when I begged for them to check me. I will know for next time.

So thanks to Natalie for the missing link, which seemed to set this
baby in motion. I was ready! Now I’m ready for more lunches with Nia.

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