Where’s the beef?

Where's the beef?

Apparently it gathers here on the back of Lucy’s head. I learned a couple of weeks ago that Lucy is allergic to beef along with milk, eggs and several other environmental allergies, including her favorite – kitties. And doggies.

Lucy has always had a little stork bite birthmark in the spot, along with one on her forward since she arrived. But around late March a patch of angry eczema popped up on top of it. It is white and flakey and you can catch her scratching it, especially if she is sleepy. The very worst was once when I forgot to trim her nails, I found four huge claw marks, a la Freddy Krugger.

That was right around the time we really dove into table foods. I have stayed away from straight eggs, but I would still give her foods that contained eggs. Not a lot, but I wasn’t as particular as I was about dairy. The only dairy I eat is in my calcium chew. But I still included a little mayonaisse every now and then. Plus Taylor Gourmet’s chicken cutlet has an egg bath before being breaded.

However I would give her beef. And she loved it. Just like chicken. She always knows where the meat is on her plate and tosses most everything else to the side. In the beginning, she loved the carrot ginger dressing from Chop’t and ate everything on her plate. That’s where she first ate beef. They chop the salad up in to tiny pieces, so it was the perfect solution to many meals. Plus we have also fed Lucy some baby food with beef in it. And she loved that, too. Who knew?

Well, I did. Sort of. When I first gave up dairy, I read the difference between being lactose intolerant and having a cow protein allergy. I’m not sure how I figured it out, but I assessed that she had the latter. In the literature, it said that in extreme cases, some children are also allergic to beef. I never dreamed that she would.

So what seemed challenging before seems even tougher. I’m just thankful that she is not allergic to wheat, soy or corn. Seriously, that would wipe out almost all food options.

I made an appointment with an allergist today. It’s not until August 2nd. I almost freaked when one person said there wasn’t an opening until September. I’m hoping I will be bumped up with a cancellation.

I know that a lot of babies have allergies and many grow out of them. I guess I look at it as an inconvenience for now with the optimism that the same will be true for her. For now, we are exploring new territory in our kitchen – ground turkey, more fish and tofu. But without giving her anything too extreme before we have her full allergy test. I’m trying to look at this as an opportunity for us to bypass a future bypass. If history always repeats itself, maybe this is our get out of jail free card.

Until then, limited menus just got A WHOLE LOT smaller. Especially brunch. But I found if you leave a restaurant feeling unsatisfied, there is always Starbucks. They now offer Peter Rabbitt’s baby food in the tubes Lucy loves and Dr. Lucy’s cookies that are allergen free. Good thing they only come in packs of four or I might eat the entire box. Thank you, Starbucks. Finding a sweet afternoon snack has been the hardest part about being dairy- free. Now there is always one right around the corner.

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