What I’ve Learned in 12 Weeks

It is absolutely impossible to nap with a big sister around unless we are a) in the car, which is preceded by an excessive amount of screaming; or b) in a really loud place like a children’s museum, which means I have to get up and ready before Henry leaves the house. We failed to do the latter today.

At-home naps are a total fluke and can only be sustained if Lucy is not at home or there is another adult to keep her far, far away from the baby. She inevitably wakes him up and then starts a combination of high-pitched whining and crying when I get mad at her. She cannot be by herself, so she says. There have been lots of threats for full-time preschool in the fall.

This means I spend most of the day nursing, because he is tired and uncomfortable from the thrush. Which only makes me tired and uncomfortable and incredibly hungry.

We are starting round two of treatment for thrush. If this doesn’t work, I’m taking Oliver back to the baby chiropractor once we return from Florida. Fingers crossed it works. I’m taking lots of supplements and trying to cut my simple sugars and carbs. But I failed to skip ice cream the last two days while we on a mini-vacation to Tweetsie Railroad.

Despite my complaints, I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed with baby number two. I know that the thrush WILL go away. Preschool WILL start in a month. And this baby stage does not last THAT long. In the meantime I’m keeping my carriers close by and looking to borrow or buy a third, Beco Baby Gemini. If I could have just gotten dressed and in a carrier this morning I may have been a tad more productive. Next time ill wait till he is strapped on to unload the dishwasher.

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