What does it take to build a playground?

Burling Slip Timelapse from Imagination Playground on Vimeo.

Wow! A lot. This video of the Burling Slip Construction Timelapse serves as a perfect reminder.

First, we need to establish a large base of people who want a safe outdoor play space for kids. The example was 200 people to show up to every meeting. This is a challenge when everyone has a different bedtime.

Second, we need to find some available land and who the landowners are. That can be tricky in DC because a lot of random patches of land, known as pocket parks, are owned by the National Park Service.

Third, we need to raise funds. I am not as worried about this step as I am the first two.

But just when I was feeling pessimistic about the entire playground process, the momentum picked up again. We have two new members to our team, who have helped to identify some potential land that they are eager to transform. (As am I!) So, I bet you are wondering where? Well, then you should show up to our next meeting on Thursday night.

Safe Play Space in Penn Quarter Initiative

Are you interested in seeing a safe play space in Penn Quarter? If you are, then be sure to join Washington Interfaith Network and members of WIN who are working to see about making this a reality. Join us at our next meeting!

WHEN: April 14, 2011 from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

WHERE: Calvary Baptist Church: Shallenberger Hall, 775 Eighth Street, NW.

WHAT: Check in on research and power base. Work on next steps and how to move forward with this.

WHO: People interested in having a safe place for children in Penn Quarter and are wanting to take an active part in making this happen.

Learn more about the growing movement to create a play space in Downtown DC.

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