We’re Back

We are back… We returned late Sunday night. But I had a few people asking me if we were still in the Pacific Northwest.

I did a pretty good job of blogging while on vacation besides a few technical issues. Midway through the trip, I decided that I had to have Henry proofread my blog entries before pushing send. It is easy to post a blog entry, but very hard to edit from my iPhone. That’s the reason I wimp out and don’t publish links on my blogs via iPhone. Plus, I can’t copy and paste the urls into the links. But I really have to get over that. Fortunately, I had someone comment and add a link to one of the many deserving locations from my trip. Which brings me to my last point, I can’t tell when people comment via my iPhone. I have the comment notifications sent to a specific folder in Gmail. So I was excited to arrive home and read the comments from the last week.

So now that I am back, I have completely fallen behind on my blogging. Monday I needed a vacation from my vacation. Tuesday ushered in the first of my week of visitors. Lauren was in town for a reporting assignment. She left yesterday afternoon. My in-law’s arrived this afternoon and will be here until Tuesday. It’s very nice to catch up with each of them in person. Maybe I’ll find some downtime to write about a few more of my favorite things from our travels.

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