Well Done, Sister Suffragette!

We know all about Mary Poppins in our little APT. Have you watched Mary Poppins lately? It is remarkable to me how timely it is 60 years later. Mrs. Banks’ is fighting for women’s rights and Mr. Banks’ loses his job after their is a run on the bank because the head of the bank pulled the tuppenance out of Michael’s hand and he started screaming. Michael wanted to give his money to the bird lady instead. Now if they just had some online petitions circulating, you would think that it was written for 2012 instead of the turn of last century. I often pause to wonder about the line “Our daughter’s daughters will adore us as we sing in grateful chorus: Well done, Sister Suffragette!” Do we?

Well, thanks to Myra for connecting Mary Poppins to a living saint and one of my favorite role models for myself and Lucy – Carol Blythe-Goodman.

Among other countless accolades, Carol is also one half of the dynamic duo of Sunday School teachers for Lucy. Of course if you ask Lucy who her Sunday School teacher is, she just says Rick. That’s because Rick has a way with the very young women. He is the first person she ever cried for besides me. But we know that there are many others helping out in the nursery, especially Carol. Twice we have been shocked at dinner when Lucy spontaneously said a prayer – “God is good. Mom and Dad love me so much. Thank you. Amen.” And then one night she started singing “Peace Like a River.” And I thought they just ate goldfish and crackers and drank apple juice! She IS learning something in Sunday School. She essentially wants to go to her classroom at church EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But Carol has a lot of important work to do besides teaching Sunday School every single day! At least OxFam thinks so. They recognized her for:

Whether marching for peace, lobbying for immigrant/women/LGBT rights or spearheading church committees, Carol relentlessly seeks justice and challenges the rest of us to be our best selves. Her good works are countless, but her legacy is best exemplified by her work with the Shalom Scholarship Fund.

Please vote for her right now. Tomorrow is the last day. Think of it as a birthday gift to me.

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  1. Mary Poppins is my favorite! So glad you got the reference and passed it on:). Carol is certainly her own version of “practically perfect in every way:).”

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