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Just as we were leaving town, Baby Brenner was making his way into the world.

Congrats to The Shrimankers as Meredith and Nevin welcome another little boy into their family.

Brenner Nevin Shrimanker
Born July 6, 2009 3:30am
6lbs 7oz

We were lucky enough to be with Weston’s on his last evening as an only child.

Weston with Mom and Alex, his godfather

Meredith sent me this message today about Uncle/Godfather Alex:
Last night, Alex was here visiting while Nevin and I were eating supper. While we were eating, Brenner started getting fussy. Alex jumped right up and got him and told us to keep eating and got him to calm down. I guess Uncle Alex learned a lot while in DC, it was really sweet.

I can also add that Alex is a great uncle. Lucy loves him very much.

I love this picture. I imagine that it’s a lot easier for Meredith to toss Weston up in the air now. Or at least it will be in a few weeks.

Congratulations! We can’t wait to meet you, Brenner. I have something for you in my studio. Now I need to finish it up before the move to Raleigh.

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