wearing a little green

Yesterday, I felt compelled to wear green. After all, it was St. Patrick’s Day and I still believe that you have to dress to celebrate the seasons. I wore pink for the entire month of February. Maybe I am just ready for the dark colors of winter coats to be stashed back in our closet for the rest of the season until next Fall.

While I was visiting NYC, Henry untangled a couple of necklaces scrambled on top of our dresser. I was so pleased to find them wearable again after I returned home. I also noticed his subtle request that I wear this great piece of recycled art I picked up in Stockholm during September 2006. The green leaves on the top the plum’s stem was plenty enough reason for me to sport it this St. Patty’s season.

Stig Lindberg is one of Stockholm’s most prolific designers. The retrospective at the National Museum included examples of his art work, patterns, illustrations, ceramics and children’s books. His body of work were a mix of some of my very favorite things. I loved Stig Lindberg’s work so much that I even bought this book about him in a completely foreign language. All I can do is sit and turn the pages with the same fascination I had as a child when I couldn’t read full pages of dense text. The book does include pictures of the plate the pin was created from, along with several examples of his work.

When we returned home, Henry created a piece of art work for our bathroom based on another of Stig’s table top designs, seen below. It’s nice to have his influences surround us each morning. Plus it is great to wear his work as a way to welcome Spring.

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