We Are The Robots

The house is coming along slowly but surely. All my orchids are in the sunroom and they seem to be happy. I spent about nine hours in the yard today pruning bushes and pulling weeds. Dad made a delicious lunch of flat iron steak, potato and corn hash, roasted cherry tomatoes, and fresh split pea soup. We’re very busy and need to get ready for our trip to DC next week, but Lucy and Dad always find time to practice their dance moves. Here, L is working on her robot – she has the blips and bloops and arm motions down, but she gets a little swingy near the end.

Happy father’s day Dad! We love you so much. Can’t believe it was just last year that you two spent the day on the High Line in NYC! I think Dad wants to have his F’sD breakfast at Smith Street Diner, but they may be lacking too many dairy free options for L. Maybe they can make her a hot water oatmeal and we can keep her from eating too much of our biscuits.

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