We are home

What a wonderful anniversary gift! Lucy was discharged just in time for her first rush hour in Washington, DC. We took H Street from GWU to our condo. I pointed out the White House and highlights of our alley. I tried to show her around her nursery, but I think that she was sleeping the whole time.

We also took some pictures of our new family outside our decorated condo door, thanks to Rocky. Then Mom took another shot on the sidewalk in front of the building. The weather was perfect! Bright and crisp with all of the colors seeming a little more vibrant than usual. I really wanted to take her to the roof and invite everyone up to celebrate.

Lucy also met several of her neighbors – Rocky, who wore pink just for her; and, Debbie, who is letting us borrow her parking space this weekend. Carol and Lisa came bearing beautiful personalized cupcakes decorated with little baby booties and a sweet message of Hello Lucia! Lisa bakes lots of yummy goodness at Red Velvet Cupcake just around the corner, one of our future favorite hot spots. I’ve pulled out her cupcake swaddling blanket to bundle her while I eat a cupcake in just a few minutes. We are going to have to invite Kyle and Peter down tomorrow to meet Lucy. We’ve already eaten all of the delicious meatballs and cobbler without her.

With all of this delicious food, I think her Grandma is really enjoying her maternity leave so far, except it could be a tad bit too relaxing for her. But now that Lucy is home, I’m hoping to take full advantage of her talents.

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  1. Sarah

    I hope the first night went smoothly. One down and 6 or 7 thousand to go!!

  2. Cindy

    How exciting Caroline! She’s beautiful and everyone at the PS is super happy for you.

  3. carolinagirl

    CONGRATULATIONS~!!!! I am sorry I’ve been MIA – Miss Lucy is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and I can already tell that motherhood suits you perfectly!!!

    I am so happy for y’all!!!

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