Was It All a Dream?

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Was it all a dream? That was the title of Amy‘s sermon this morning. Her message asked us what are we going to do now that Easter is over. She explored the career explorations of the disciples, who decided to drop their steady career as fishermen and do something much more risky and uncertain by following Jesus. Now what? Good question.

Well, for me, I know what. At least for the short term. I still have to finish writing about my forts. But I am in a rut. Partially my writer’s block stems from the fact that the next few pieces are particularly charged. Motherhood, immigration, the environment. I am the person most likely to avoid any form of confrontation. I am not here to offend. In case you haven’t noticed, EVERY issue in our society is partisan. So I even have a fort of how I prefer a little more moderation in life. Besides, some of the pieces later on get pretty personal, as well. But I didn’t take up this project because I thought that it would be easy. I did it because was a great challenge. One that I needed. And one I am ready to resolve after our week in NC. It seems that we are settled in again.

I need to stop worrying about what I think I am going to write and just write it. The anticipation of the struggle is always far worse than the outcome. Usually I think that I will start with writing one thing and end up writing something completely different. That is okay with me and the writing is probably much more interesting that way.

Technically, Easter is a season, not just one day. I checked with Leah before leaving church to see when Easter ends. The last Sunday is May 16th, the weekend of Lucy’s birthday, which seems like the perfect deadline to finish my blog posts about the Forty Forts. I am not even going to calculate how many per day or week. I am just going to write as frequently as I can. Here is hoping they will be complete.

Until then, if you haven’t read any of the Forty Forts, I have made it a little easier for you to read directly through from the beginning of the project. I have added a slide show of all the finished sculptures, which I also included above. Plus I have listed out all of the final fort titles and added links to the next entry at the bottom of each. Of course, I have only added links as far as the one before the last entry. So at this point, No. 18 does not include a link because I have yet to post No. 19. But very soon, I promise.

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