Friday night, Lucy began a rigorous feeding schedule at the
recommendation of her lactation consultant. Her belly seemed to fill
up and her little umbilical cord popped off. We still can’t decide if
this will be an in-y or an out-y at this point.

We are still hard at work trying to get her to eat. She definitely has
sleepy baby syndrome. I suppose part of that is that she is still
jaundiced. Otherwise, she isn’t really eating enough to maximize her
full social time.

She finally woke up for her uncle Alex. And barely opened her eyes to
take a peek at the black and white sea flash cards Ike and Laura
bought before she left.

Mom and Alex are leaving today. We will definitely miss the extra hands.

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1 Comment

  1. carolinagirl

    Lucy is so precious!!! Enjoy these quiet moments…I promise she will wake up soon! 🙂

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