TV Entertainment at its best

We spent a good solid ten minutes watching this Battle of the Network Stars last night while catching up on reality TV. Talk about entertainment. If you are at work, you can read a play-by-play re-cap by Joel Stein Bill Simmons for ESPN Magazine. Be sure to see my comments below.

My favorite line: Joanna Pettet’s “What is the hullabaloo?”

Who is she and how can I incorporate this word into my vocabulary?

For further entertainment, Joel Stein is trying to name his baby. You may recognize from him all of the I Love the 80s or any other VH1 countdown shows.

I followed the link to FamilyBerry in sheer procrastination and ran across these favorites: Babyboy, Gift and Infant. Total winners!

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  1. Anonymous

    This was GREAT! I forgot how funny this stuff was! I remember watching these shows with a passion – wow!

  2. Caroline Armijo

    Thanks, Ros! Isn’t it amazing? It’s like they are in high school or something.


    Clearly I didn’t read my bylines very carefully. As Henry pointed out the ESPN article was written by Bill Simmons and not Joel Stein. I was confused since for some reason, the video has a little Joel Stein logo in the corner. Sorry!

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