Trapped in Friendship

Trapped in Friendship

Trapped in Friendship

Hitching a ride to North Carolina, I was a little concerned that we might be snowed out. Alex drove us all the way home before nightfall Monday and, after returning home, he warned that us we should not try to drive down Friendship Road. It was too slick.

So we were torn on whether we should even leave the house yesterday. After all, Dad gave Mom the day off to celebrate Groundhog’s day. Well, actually we made brownies for Sarah’s birthday. After all of the ice and snow, we just want to plow through to spring. There is no need to celebrate what the groundhog has to say.

I knew if we went to the office, Mom would start working and we would never leave. The office is like a vortex that sucks time right out of your life right before your very eyes. But with the mixed forecast, it was likely Tuesday was Lucy’s only chance to see Shelby.

Around quarter of four, we packed everything up and headed out the door. We managed to make our way through the snow and ice to the safety of the car. Instead of questioning the lower driveway prior to getting in the car, we lurched forward and stopped.

My parents have a circle drive with a small incline on one side and a steep dip on the other. It bottoms out and rises back up to meet the road right in a curve. Alex and I spent countless hours sledding this hill as children. After the state’s ice crews had made a second pass with the scrappers, the bottom of the driveway was no longer clean. We definitely couldn’t stop once we got started. But there was no guarantee we wouldn’t get stuck. I told Mom to just back up.

As soon as she put it in reverse and began backing up, Mom’s wheels began to spin. A yellow triangle and exclamation point appeared on the dashboard. “What’s that?” “That means the car doesn’t have any traction.” Hmmm… After spinning our wheels a couple of more times, we decided that was enough for today. We made it five feet. I did remind her to put on the parking break.

Last night, when Dad came home, he asked, “Why did you park at the top of the driveway?” Simple. “We’re stuck.” “Well, now I am, too.” Oops. Mom was in trouble.

This morning when Mom went to check on him, I suggested she take Lucy so that he wouldn’t be as mad at her. He had freed the cars and left Mom’s parked in the road at the foot of Hansel’s driveway. Hansel was one of two vehicles we saw while making our way to the car. Both were tractors with plows on the front.

And now the forecast is calling for more snow. I think it is going to ruin our plans for a family gathering to celebrate Grandma Merritt’s birthday. Plus I have received a DCAlert that they are expecting 12-20 inches of snow.

Is this a repeat of the Blizzard of 2009? Because I am using the ticket from that canceled flight to return home on Monday. I think that Henry is already lonely and it is only Wednesday. And Lucy started saying Da-da when she heard his voice on my camera. We miss Daddy, too.

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