Tickling the Ivories

Tickling the Ivories

The piano arrived today! I had wanted a space for mom’s upright piano for many years. Dad made a call yesterday and it was on the schedule for today!

This morning around 5 am, I woke up in a panic that the piano might be too heavy and fall through our floors. I called my dad close to 9 and he said they were already at their house. When they arrived around 11, I questioned them again. For example, have you ever heard of a piano falling through a house? (Almost, but in an abandoned house.) Is this heavier than your typical pianos? (This one is pretty heavy.) Is it covered by any insurance? (Doubtful.)

I took a few pictures of the piano on our front lawn. They pulled in perpendicular to the street and totally bypassed our stairs with a fairly level ramp. I had moved everything out of the dining room, fully expecting them to enter through our French doors. It was painless. And quick. They were finished in fifteen minutes and it took that long, because I debated where to move the piano. I think they landed on the perfect spot the first time. Then they moved it five inches over and back again. Sorry, fellas. and there she stays. Chances of it moving again are slim.

One of my most vivid childhood memories involves when this piano was delivered to my parents’ house. My mom told me recently that she paid Aunt Sallie Baker $25 for it in 1980. It is an 1896 Lester from Philadelphia and super heavy. My memory of the move involved several men agonizing over lifting it up the three small stairs to our porch. It was a huge ordeal and I watched it all from our stairs.

Today, I tried to get Lucy to come watch the men and recreate her own version of the same memory. No such luck. She was busy watching Savannah Smiles, which I found for $5 at Target. It is a tear-jerker involving a missing child and snooty parents. I’m probably going to regret her watching that since she tends to complain about nightmares a lot. Miss Piggy is her primary nemesis. I had to put a ban on My Little Pony this week. Why is it so scary? Anyway, I digress.

While she finished her movie, I played my Junior Hymnal. I was surprised to find that I could play both hands at the same time. Henry agreed that I was better than he thought.

Henry also agreed that this thing is a mammoth. Our once empty living room almost feels full! I have spent most of the day thinking of where to shift the furniture around the room. This is a huge step forward to feeling more settled in.

Tonight, Lucy told me that she wanted it to go back to Grandma’s. She is very conscious of what belongs to whom. I explained that Grandma has two pianos. I told her that her mom gave her a piano and now my mom gave me a piano. I think she appreciated the story.

Many, many thanks to my parents for giving us the piano and handling the move. We are so excited.

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