This Holiday Week

This Holiday Week

I took this picture of Mrs. Claus on the left and Santa on the right last Tuesday, as we prepared for our first holiday week. We spent a good deal of time making Santa as a puppet, which you see in the top corner.

Henry has been concerned that all of my nesting energy will go into Christmas decorations instead of finally setting up our house. A lot of things went by the wayside during my first trimester. I was very good at standing in the kitchen. That’s about it. I never threw up, but I recently wondered if I had, would I have been more productive. After the puppet kits, I delved into my first serious nesting project. I organized all of our kitchen papers, recycling most. We didn’t make it out of our pjs until 4. I felt tremendously guilty, but also relieved to have made such headway. I still need to organize Lucy’s art supplies and creations. That bin is a wreck! I am going to have to toss her work and make it accessible so that she can pick out supplies on her own.

Tuesday afternoon I tried to get as many leaves to the curb as possible. Greensboro FINALLY collected the leaves from the curb. I am so sick of the leaves and I was really sad to see that they were still there when we returned from Florida. So as the trucks were coming down the street, I was racing to beat them with at least the equivalent of four more bags. Once they passed, I quit raking and headed to rest.

Lucy arrived to greet me. Funny, why is Mrs. Claus’ arm on your leg? She didn’t really answer. It wasn’t until I walked into the kitchen did I realize that they were completely disassembled. Mistletoe was on the floor and eyeballs were strewn everywhere. I was not happy. Lucy told me that she took them apart to put them back together again. I explained that they were paper and you can’t take them apart. Then she said, Let’s just throw them away. They are trash. Agh.

We have almost finished decorating as we move into our second holiday week. But it is our last week with Henry before he heads to Burma. I am not exactly pleased that he will be gone until the 23rd. I haven’t bought a single present except for Lucy and one for Alex. At this point I am not really stressed, but I need to make this holiday week count.

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