Thirteen Years Ago

Thirteen Years Ago by carolinearmijo
Thirteen Years Ago, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

We woke up just a few miles from where we live now headed off on our honeymoon. It is hard to believe that we have been married for thirteen years and a day. And this year, it certainly feels like an afterthought. After all of the birthdays, birthday parties, recitals and more that May brings, I’m beginning to think we should have gotten married in another month. But I wanted to be married while the peonies were in bloom.

Today’s weather was delightful and this remains to be my favorite of the year. Today we spent the afternoon in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. It wasn’t really an anniversary celebration. But it was nice to be together as a family. And much nicer than last night’s attempt at dinner.

I told Henry that we should start celebrating our engagement, which was six months prior on October 18th. We did for a few years. Maybe this year we will reclaim the tradition. I certainly hope October will be calm in comparison.

Lace is the traditional gift for a thirteenth anniversary. I tried to keep pace with the traditional gifts, but certainly lost track last year after Oliver’s birth. This year, I thought the above picture would suffice. Eris gave us this pillow made from our wedding invitation several years ago. I love it. As for the modern take, I discoveredSayuri Sasaki Hemann, a textile artist in my new American Craft magazine. That felt like a small gift.

I am so grateful to my endearing husband. Marriage is certainly one of the hardest things I have ever attempted next to parenting. And the thought that Lucy will be graduating from high school when we celebrate our anniversary thirteen years from now is mind blowing. Here’s to many more years of joy together. I love you, Henry.

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