the use of ain’t is so inspiring

Today was a very good day. As I posted on Facebook earlier:

“My friend had a baby after a super easy delivery. I talked to someone about publishing a book. I met with Amy about my upcoming art projects. At least two friends are celebrating birthdays. I got a second item I wanted at a Craigslist pickup without realizing she was offering both. Lucy slept an hour and a half after I got up. So I got to shower and write in my journal. And I bought a steam mop that included a $20 gift card as a sales promo.”

Granted I totally forgot to take Lucy’s diapers with me on a five-hour outing. But hey… we went to the baby store and bought more diapers. Then when I arrived home, I realized that one of the tabs was unhooked. I told Jennifer that it looked like she was wearing a Depends.

But brush that aside. I decided to run one more late night errand. On the way there, I was singing the following song:

When I got back in the car, this was playing on the radio.

I started singing this one for Henry and threw in a few Tai Chi moves. I think I invented a new dance revolution – Soul Chi.

Let me also point out that this blog entry will probably be my personal favorite in that I managed to include a song from both Solid Gold and Soul Train, my two personal favorite childhood shows. Great news. Soul Train released The Best Of Soul Train DVD box set. That will be on this year’s Christmas list.

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