The Trouble with Pacis

Lucy is not a huge paci fan. I have tried, but her love fell apart last fall when I introduced the three months plus pacifier. I now know that this is a marketing scheme and only jeopardizes the relationship with a soothing device. Now Lucy will chew on the side of the paci, or even better, the metal clip that holds the paci to her clothes.

However, when Lucy first saw Veronica at her birthday party, Lucy immediately jerked the paci off of Veronica’s shirt. So I knew better to give them both a paci at the same time today. And to keep watch. I did not intend to knock her over in the video, but she was unfazed.

Lucy wore her pacifier all day and I found her sucking it the normal way a couple of times while Veronica was there.

I loved my paci and still remember the exact moment mine was taken away. I was at Memaw’s house and about three. I went to the bathroom and left my paci on the end of the couch closest to the hallway door. When I returned it was gone. I searched the entire couch many, many times. My thumb proved to be a great substitute for many years. That is until my grandfather bribed me with $10 at Dottie’s wedding. I cried and cried all night long. Tough times.

Whew… being a mother of two seems like it could be challenging. Best keep those nails trimmed at all times!

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  1. Sarah

    We tried the 3 month paci with jed…. he’s still using a newborn paci, but we’ve managed to confine its use to bedtime and naps, plus the occasional panic situation.

  2. Caroline (Author)

    I feel like I need to have a don’t buy the three month plus paci campaign in an effort to reduce wasted plastic in the world.

    But otherwise the Soothies are awesome. I love that they have a smilie face on the base and you can see inside. I wifh I had a video from before she stopped using them.

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