The stroller is out!

We have finally used the stroller with just one day shy of Lucy’s
seven week birthday. We have enjoyed using the Ergo Baby Carrier and
the recent addition of the Maya Wrap. But today I have my follow-up
doctor’s appointment and I can’t hold her the entire time. So
finally… out came the stroller. So far, so good.

What’s not good is my mix-up! This week is full of doctors
appointments. Yesterday I overslept and made it to her ENT at
precisely one hour after the 10 am appointment, the grace period the
staff gave me.

Well, I should have called this morning. I fed her at 5 and thought I
can sleep from 6 to 7. For some reason, I had it in my head that my
appointment was at 8:30. That would give me enough time to pump and
drive over to GWU. I kept hitting the snooze and woke up at 7:56
instead! No time to pump! I’m glad we had the stroller set up and the
diaper bag ready. How can I have a breast exam with full breasts? Who
would schedule new mothers to arrive first thing in the morning?

Well, they don’t. When I arrived, I told the check in that I was a
half hour late. She asked my name and said, you aren’t supposed to be
here until 11:15. I also asked her the date. Was it the first or the
thirty-first? She looked down at her calendar and back up at me. She
said, June doesn’t have thirty-one days. You’re all out of sorts. Yes,
I am. I think it’s called exhaustion.

Yesterday when I arrived at the ENT, the check-in person asked me if I
had any hope. I told her that I did, but as soon as I found it, my
body broke down. I’m pretty much exhausted and I’ve had a few little
physical quirks that usually show up when I’ve pushed it just a tad
too far. That doesn’t include the new swath of white hair I found
along my part.

I found hope on Monday when I had nothing to do/no where to go for the
first time in a few weeks. Sunday just seemed like the beginning of an
action-packed week with back to back doctors appointments. We have our
final check-up in the morning at 9:30 and then we leave the parking
deck and head straight to NC. So maybe in my exhausted despair on
Sunday, I mentally rescheduled today’s appointment.

But during Monday’s relaxed state, I realized the more relaxed I am,
the more relaxed Lucy is. Finally our feeding seemed to click. We have
a routine of bottles at night and nursing during the day. It’s worked
out pretty well so far. Although all of the snacking and earlier
bedtimes added an additional nightly feeding. Two nights this week,
she was up at 2 and 5. Not so great for Mama.

But last night, she was back to one. Yesterday we were out all day
with errands after the appointments. I had to drive from Tenleytown to
87 Florida NW. As soon as I started driving, she lost it. I don’t
think she has ever cried that much. When I finally arrived and removed
her from her car seat, she looked like she had been to battle. Her
face was completely scratched up with blood stains. Plus her gums were
gushing. She had ripped her face to shreds. Inadvertently by not
letting her snack all day, she ate a few large meals before bed. She
slept from 12 until 5. Hallelujah! Now if I just didn’t have an early
morning doctors appointment…

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  1. KBC

    This picture is cute – the way her hand is placed, it looks like she is placing her carseat herself. 😉

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