The Scrap Exchange’s Airtime

I love The Scrap Exchange. I can’t say that enough. I even stopped by on my way home from Penland and loaded up on supplies that I could use with all of my new tricks. I bought fabric for found object puppets and a huge roll of white paper. So I was really happy to see Ann in this video from Ginny From the Blog. I was even more excited to recognize the shirt she is wearing. I have one made out of the same material. We bought them together at Raleigh’s Handmade Market one year. $5 each! What a steal!!! Thanks, Mary Michele!

I am also dying to get my hands on quite a few of those Krispy Kreme paper hats. I think that there is some kind of art project bubbling up on the donut conveyor belt of my mind.

For another video by Ginny, check out this Special Report on Saving Money and the Environment.

Thanks for the update, Ryan!

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