The Same, But Different

Oliver looks like Lucy, but he doesn’t. I spend very little time at my computer, so I haven’t lined up a lot of side by side photos. But this I can say for sure:

Oliver’s hair is a much lighter, ruddy color. In fact, before they bathed him, I thought it looked a little green. Mom said she thought it was the Watts complexion, or the same color as Frank’s hair. I asked her if that meant he was going to be pasty white like me. The verdict is still out on his skin tone. I really hope he gets the olive complexion of his dad and sister.

While Lucy had this pencil eraser mark before her eyebrows appeared, they definitely came in thick. Henry and I both have full eyebrows, but I think that they are the same shape as Henry’s. they have a little peak in the middle.

His eyes are much larger than Lucy’s. I think that they are both Antonio’s and Henry’s eyes. I could tell this in the ultrasound. They both have the ability to make some creative expressions with opening their eyes very large. I’m expecting the same from this little guy.

Lucy and Oliver have different noses. His is a little pug nose. Lucy’s comes down more. I can’t say where either gets their noses. If we limited the gene pool to mine or Henry, I would say that Lucy has my nose and Oliver has Henry’s. But that’s not entirely clear yet. Henry’s nose is the same as his cousin Sylva’s in Montreal.

Maybe their mouth is the same.

And like the nose, Lucy has my Rutledge chin and Oliver has Henry’s. This was also apparent in the ultrasound.

Lucy definitely has my ears. I have an upcoming post about that, but FYI she won the Smallest Ears award at school. It is too hard to say about Oliver’s ears yet.

I think their legs and frame are very similar at this stage. Still tiny and lean. Granted that changed for Lucy. I wonder if she is going to always be a shorty and Oliver might be taller than Henry. I wouldn’t be surprised.

They have the same little kitten voice and cries. Identical. I love it. I was worried that Oliver would be super loud and startling, but not the case. It took Lucy until pre-school to learn how to be very loud. And she gets that from her dad. He is definitely loud.

I was fully expecting Oliver to look like Henry and act like my dad. So far, I think he lives up to that. He is a content little guy. Granted I feel like I hold him all of the time. But with a second and planned final child, my perspective is totally different.

With Lucy, I would think "Oh no! It’s been four weeks and I’m still x all of the time!" With Oliver, my feeling is the opposite. Like when I realized that Monday was four weeks and it made me want to hold him more. I only dread nighttime a negligible amount vs a nightly dread that spilled over into our days for the entire first year. It’s way better than I expected the second time around.

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