the power of the post-it

Last week while at Paper Source, I figured out how to create a simple origami fold book. I need a square sheet of paper to attempt the example. After going through some scrap paper, I realized what I needed – post-it notes. They come in the perfect size and even have just enough adhesive to help you pull things together.

I had figured that out last February when I was putting together the memorial journal for my grandmother’s funeral. We were busy trying to find photographs and add a little information. I was not ready to commit any of these really old photographs to the page with whatever adhesive my mom had at the office. I am sure that my dad would not have been happy if I had even used regular tape. So I pulled out a little post-it pad and rolled it up. Since the pages were in protective sleeves, the post-it was the perfect solution. The picture stayed in place and was easy to remove when I went back to the journal later.

This weekend, I scanned in most of the book and need to quickly put together different layouts of photos and memorial cards. Again, I chose the post-it note to help me complete the project. I am not advocating that this is a permanent solution. However, when you need to put together a project in a hurry, think creatively and don’t forget about the post-its. How can I use tape on pictures this old?

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