The Hydrangeas are Here!

We have the most spectacular hydrangeas! I believe that I counted thirty plants earlier this spring before any growth had come out on the woody bushes. They are in full bloom and I kept thinking that I need to invite people over just to see them.

Well, the time to come is now, because Lucy also thinks that they are spectacular. She has pulled off several blossoms hourly and I don’t expect for there to be many more blooms by the end of the week. I need to cut at least one fantastic bouquet before they are all tossed about on the ground.

This is Lucy on "her campsite." I love the landscaping, but I wish there was more space for a play area for her. She would like a tree house in our giant pin oak, but adding one would require a cherry picker. I kept searching for a branch to hang a swing, but I don’t believe it is safe have one hanging from that high off the ground. Thank you, Internet, for pointing that out to me.

My hydrangeas really are the show stopper in my yard. I also have several varieties of camillas and hellebores. I hope to plant a collection of peonies where the six Leland Cypri (is that correct) once stood. But my dad pointed out that we should call 411 to determine where the electrical wires run before we start digging on that side of the house.

Antonio has been working feverishly in the yard this week, which has also gotten me off the couch from nursing on demand this past six weeks. I am very excited about what we have accomplished so far. Sometimes I think I just need another person there working with me to motivate me. Antonio feels like my partner and with him I can accomplish almost anything in the yard. I have wanted to hire a landscape architect to help me plan the yard so that we can make strides on a project by project basis. But now I have pretty clear ideas for what to do in most of the spaces.

Martina and Antonio also did the same when they came last fall. I literally worked eight plus hours in the yard the day I figured out I was pregnant. But it was the very first day, so I couldn’t say anything to anyone. Granted Henry immediately guessed before I even got out of bed that morning. So we had a week full of yard work, much like this week. Fortunately I did not suffer from any morning sickness either time. I kept my secret pretty well hidden.

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