The heat has broken!

The heat has broken!

We arrived in DC on Tuesday just before the heat settled in. We actually came to Henry’s conference a day early by mistake. For whatever reason, we rectified the error with buying hats from Proper Topper.

On Wednesday, we decided to do the Hillwood Estate. Alex really wanted to visit on his last trip to DC, but we never managed to squeeze it in. A huge bus passed us as we crossed the street on Tuesday night. A Pret-A-Papier billboard was all I needed to see to convince me to go on Wednesday.

I took pictures of the gorgeous paper dresses with my real camera. Here we are just after visiting the Adirondack Building where several were illuminated on display. I must admit the bottom light excited my much more than the dresses in situ in Mrs. Post’s mansion.

We had to cool off after a little game of billy goats gruff in the Japanese tea garden. It was just too hot to see even a couple of the twenty-five acres. But we made it through the next two days and last night a storm ushered in cooler weather.

People ask if it is hotter since we moved farther south. No. We didn’t even turn our ac until the night before we left. I spoke with our real estate agent the week we moved in and she advised me that it would likely be more humid. Not so, my friend. Our great Capital City is nestled between two rivers and all of that cement traps the heat. Ugh… I even remember the humidity from our Fourth of July trip when I was ten. It was like a fifth miserable member of our vacation.

Greensboro has been surprisingly pleasant. For whatever reason, it always seems to be one degree cooler than Winston. And with all of our tree cover, we can get by on just ceiling fans. Henry insists that they run at full blast. One night I even had a dream that I was trying to shield myself from the wind. There are no ceiling fans at The Mayflower, but I think we will survive.

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