The Best of a Bad Situation

After the playground today, we met Henry at our closest new bakery for a cookie. We love The Baker & The Bean‘s blueberry cream cookie, but they were out today. So we expanded beyond our regular selection and left feeling quite satisfied. Banana pudding for me, homemade ice cream topped with gummy bears for the kids and a corn cookie for Henry. Only one broken dish. I have to admit I have a weakness for cookies. So Henry won. 

Henry wanted to stroll down to browse the menu at Four Flocks & Larder. While the kids explored the upstairs, I noticed how lovely their reading selection matched the restaurant’s decor. 

Wait a minute. I’m in this magazine. I totally forgot to share. 

The first issue was missing the other half of the spread. It had been ripped out. Fingers crossed someone read the article and reached out to Dr. Shivakumar at A&T. We are due for a meeting anyway. I will have to ask. 

Thank you to Elizabeth for doing a great job on covering this issue

The kids wanted to text Buela to tell her the couches remind them of her house! Oliver had a hard time understanding that she did not have a way to receive the picture.

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