Thank you.

Thank you.

Today was a Godsend. Truly.

Yesterday I was feeling super down. Lonely. Depressed. Frustrated. I was ready to pack up and quit everything. I wrote down my frustrations, went to bed and woke up promising myself that I was not going to work on the playground. I just needed a break.

Then I checked my phone. I had a text from Amy asking if Hannah could help out with Lucy. Stop the presses. What? Of course. I had no idea what we were going to do. But Lucy loves the attention and so do I! So I cleaned while Hannah read a million stories and played with Lucy. It was great.

Although once she left, I realized that I needed Hannah there every day to complete my list. Where could I find a teenage daughter? Scratch that. I probably need to grow into that role. But it was awesome. I managed to fold and put away all of the clothes, clean the kitchen and take out the recycling and the trash. I failed to mop. Again.

Hannah’s coming back tomorrow, but I promised we would do something fun. Especially after we had a great conversation about science fairs. I read Science Fair Season over the last month and loved it. The stories of twelve kids and their quest to compete at the international science fair was so inspiring. They all had compelling back stories that made their discoveries that much more impressive. Plus you can win a lot of money from science fairs. So why not try? Plus our conversation reinforced this great blog post I read yesterday about how to talk to a girl.

After Hannah left, Lucy took a short nap. I had received so many emails regarding the quest for a playground. I was so excited. I am still trying to wrap my head around what all I have learned. But it makes me optimistic that maybe something, even if it is only a temporary space, may evolve. Yesterday I could not say the same. At least I am hoping that’s the case. Even if it is purely based on interest alone. I need some small morsel of hope.

When Lucy woke, we discovered that we had received an order from I ordered Lucy’s first box of pull-ups and my usual Target-type of supplies. I found that ordering toilet paper, vitamins and soap once a month is way easier than a lengthy big box trip. We save shopping for short errands and an excuse for exercise.

I set the boxes up for her beside the couch. She was so ecstatic. At one point, she started screaming “toys,” as in the cardboard boxes being toys. She was jumping up and down and started saying “Thank you!” Magic. We didn’t even try to do anything cool with them, like cut holes.

Finally we had date night. Carol and Lauren recommended Tabloid, and I requested that they watch Lucy so we could see it. We tried to eat at Hill Country BBQ before hand, but Taylor Swift was at the Verizon Center. The neighborhood was full of teens and Tweens in cowboy boots and limos. No wonder there was a long line. We opted for dinner at Sei’s bar, which was what I actually wanted.

I think the gals had as much fun as we did. When we arrived home soaked, they were all dancing to “Singing in the Rain.” They were right about their recommendation. I laughed so much throughout that movie. Not because it is a comedy, but an Errol Morris documentary that is quite shocking with an incredulous twist.

So thank you to all of the baby sitters and playground emails. That was just what I needed.

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  1. Kim

    Sounds great! I am looking for a regular babysitter. I think it’s time! I think your work on the playground is awesome, and I know it will work out eventually.

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