Take Two

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I’m setting up my Posterous account right now. This actually made it to my to do list since I thought it would be useful during our Southeastern tour.
Lucy and I will be leaving for NC midday on Wednesday and flying to FL the following Wednesday morning. We will meet up with Henry in Florida on Thursday. I’m sure that she will miss him. We were in the bed one morning last week and she looked over for him. Plus she seems the happiest when we are all together. I believe she is turning into a daddy’s girl.
These photos are from last week. I was trying to catch Lucy in the act of taking her paci out of her mouth and putting it back in.
Note her dunlop over her waist band. These are some newborn pants from Kara. It’s the last piece of the set that she could get on her body. But I don’t think I’ll make her suffer anymore. I bought some clothes for her from H&M on Friday night. The onesies fit in the torso length but that’s about it. The same size pants come up to her arm pits.
Lucy is four months old today. I’ll post another picture with stats from today’s checkup this afternoon. I’m pretty certain she was working on a growth spurt all last week. She went from 5-6 meals a day up to 8-9. Things seemed to calm down last night. Then, this morning she looked so big!

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