Surprise encounter with the Lovettes

After a day of creating liturgical art with Taylor and a quick
rendevous with Jason at my favorite Harris Teeter, I received a call.
I had just unloaded the groceries and totally suspected that it was
Henry. But it said Cell Phone PA. I almost didn’t answer because I
can’t take another call from some kind of political campaign.

Good thing I answered! Amber was just a few blocks away. They had just
finished eating and were looking for desert. I knew exactly were they
were -right outside of Henry’s office. I told her I would love to meet
them at Gifford’s Ice Cream just a couple of blocks away.

And there I met Andrew, a tax day baby, and caught up with Micah for
the first time since Corey’s wedding many moons ago. I told Amber that
I knew my mom would want to see a picture of the baby. Could I post it
on my blog? Of course! So, Mom, this is Andrew. He is very cute, as
you can see. Even a little boy named Buddy, with matching blue eyes,
thought so and came over to meet him.

Seeing the Lovettes was a great surprise, but not nearly as shocking
as when I ran into Amber last year in a hotel room at the Hotel Monaco
for the LWL book signing. I could hardly believe it.

Being in DC quickly feels like a very small world. Fortunately it’s
one that people like to visit. So if you are ever in DC, please call.
Chances are, I’ve just put away the groceries and can run out the door
to meet you.

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