Studio Redesign

My parents and Alex came to visit us for Father’s Day. While they were here we went to the Renwick Gallery to see the Grant Wood exhibit. Wood created the iconic “American Gothic,” but I had no idea there he had such a huge expanse of various creations ranging in several mediums and expressing a great sense of humor.

One section of the display focuses on Wood’s studio, which was above the local funeral home. Since I was feeling like my studio was just not functioning lately, I really studied the photographs. He had lots of floor space, a comfortable chair for visitors and his work on display. All three of which, my studio was missing.

On my next trip to the studio, I looked around and started measuring with the green string for the bluebell flowers. I was not fully utilizing the wall space and there were too many pieces on the floor. A few rough measurements later, I had a plan sketched out that I was ready to share with Henry.

So the following weekend, Henry and I got up early and went to the studio. We started by packing up loose pieces and moving all of the books off of my antique children’s bookshelf. We moved the large desk across the room and sat the black paper sorter on top of it. The 50s dinette table to the window and the bookshelf on top of it. About half way through, I had to get some food to fuel my dropping blood sugar. Once again, things started shaping up. The a/c was out and Henry was a real superhero. Even though I wanted to give up, his persistence helped keep me on task. By 5 pm, everything was in its place. Plus my art work is finally on display for everyone to see.

I went back to the studio the next day to spend time in my newly organized space. I had a third chair out for visitors and enough floor space to dance along to iTunes. Mission accomplished. Now I just need to bring in a small folding table so that more than one person can work at the same time.

I do a few finishing items on my wish list:

a wooden board to cover the wire shelf
a shelf over my computer monitor
something for my floors
a ladder for my flat paper
hangers on the back of my closet door for my folding table
clipboards or hangers to organize my various projects

The newly re-opened Smithsonian American Art Museum features a display of artists in their studios on the first floor. Be sure to check it out.

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  1. Musings

    Looks beautiful! I love organized stuff. Henry must have been a superhero for cleaning even without a/c!

  2. Stephanie

    I love it, it looks so bright and airy and organized. I think what keeps us from these beautiful workspaces is fear. Fear of something. I try to ask myself, what am I so afraid of?

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