Studio 360’s Material Mashup Finalist

tobacco rug

I received some great news on Sunday! I was selected as one of the finalists in Studio 360’s Material Mashup. I feel so honored after finally looking taking a minute to browse through all of the submissions. Wow!

I posted my submission and for some reason, my picture turned a teal green. I hope that is not the reason they selected my piece. I have never had that type of an error uploading pictures before.

Henry and I listened to the Materials Mashup segment and they only discuss the winners of the challenge. Now I need to take a moment to listen to the full show.

Prior to submitting my piece, I pulled together all of my blog posts, pictures and videos about my tobacco rug piece on to one page. Then I added it under my portfolio tab. I am hoping to do this with other projects in the future. I love learning about other artists’ creative process. I hope that sharing mine will encourage others to do the same. Plus I enjoyed reading back through my posts about creating the piece. I totally forgot about the feeling I had of sewing up the rug and how that reminded me of the stitching up of my scar when I was five. I love those types of experiences while creating art.

I can’t wait to hear what Kurt and his guests have to say about their creative process in the final segment on Spark: How Creativity Works.

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  1. Lia

    Congrats! You’re an amazing artist and it’s great to see you get some recognition!

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