Still besties

Still besties by carolinearmijo
Still besties, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

We survived the nc snowpocalypse and everyone still loves each other! Here are some highlights:

– three snow days from school, including a postponed valentines day dance and two cancelled pizza lunches that were makeups from other snow days
– a truly befuddling NBA dunk contest (but yay John Wall and G Man from the Wizards!)
– Dad’s second hamburger since August of last year, which he ate during our family post-snow day celebration at Hops Burger Bar
– Oliver tasting said hamburger, and liking his cucumbers better (that’s my boy!)
– me remembering that I should always always always ignore the specialty burgers and stick with my usual LTOKMMP (aka the Whopper Jr toppings)
– two play dates with Trudy from across the street, and only one lecture about not being bossy to your friends when they come over to play
– Dad breaking in his new bamboo steamer with pork buns from the Chinese market, and not realizing that the bamboo will burn if the pan steams away all of the water, which makes the whole kitchen smell like burned bamboo for two days
– Ollie’s top two front teeth breaking through the gums, with several more coming
– Lucy’s first slide down what everybody says is the best sledding hill in all of Greensboro
– Lucy throwing snowballs at the neighbors we don’t know at the sledding hill (playfully!)
– six loads of laundry
– mailing out our first batch of valentines
– my discovery of my art project for Lent, using valentine envelopes and the gardening scissors I bought my valentine Henry
– the hanging of the family photos in the stairwell that my valentine Henry has been pestering me about almost nonstop since we moved into this house
– discovery of a new late morning nap spot for Ollie, on his crib mattress on the floor of his room, during which L and H make fun of us for pretending to be on a camping trip.

Hope your snow days were fun and productive too!!

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