Someone Great

Fall pictures

With the dismantling of St. Philip’s, I was not able to sleep early this morning. I kept singing this song over and over again in my head.

LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great

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I think that this song is likely about an affair, but many of the words seemed to resonate with me and for whatever reason made sense to my subconscious in the middle of the night. As Sarah said, it feels like someone has died.

Fall pictures

I went to Tai Chi today for the first time at the Y. I was the youngest under 65. I am happy to have something new to focus on. It was a good exercise prior to tonight’s visit to Germanton. I’m eager to see the next iteration of our congregation. Many good things have already come from our development. I am sure that many more will come. So here’s to new beginnings.

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  1. Sarah D.

    Jed and I are rocking out. Here’s to the next phase of the Friends of St. P and the congregation.

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