This morning I was walking on the Mall when a little pebble jumped into my shoe. I could not get it out despite how hard I tried by shaking and pushing it around with my finger. When I finally got it, I looked up and decided that I should walk through the gardens outside of the Sackler and Freer Galleries. The gardeners were about to start working. I imagine that they were going to replace the withered pansies that looked so pitiful. And there beneath each of the trees in the garden where tiny clumps of snowdrops just beginning to bloom. I was so excited. What a welcome surprise in the dead of winter.

Snowdrops also grace the rim of my dishes, Alice, as seen to the right above. I knew that I had to have them when I first saw them over five years ago. Henry and I were just starting to talk about getting married and looking for rings and there they were. I have inherited my mother’s love for plates. Quite crazy, I know. It must be a Southern affliction. Anyway, my Alice pattern is all wrapped up in my parent’s basement since we don’t have a lot of cabinet space in our kitchen here.

Spotting the snowdrops were the highlight of my morning. Other than that, I have planned a trip to NC for next week. (This is a warning, Sarah and Alex.) Plus I have had trouble with a pdf that I am trying to send into work. Lots of baby highs and lows. Maybe I need a quick trip to the studio to help me feel a little more productive this afternoon.

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