Snow day

Snow day

Today is a snow day. Henry worked from home this morning. Not because of the snow, but because he has worked one million hours in the last week. The night before last he came home at 4:30 and the night before that 2:30. I am not sure that he even saw Lucy on her nineteen-month birthday, which was Tuesday. But he was home promptly after the brief was filed and we went out to dinner. Hooray!!!

We went to La Loma on Capitol Hill. Lucy loves to dip her chips in salsa, which is cute. But. BUT. Last week at the church Christmas party, we were chowing down on vegetarian chili and a second serving of chicken chili. This little red spot of eczema on her chin was fire engine red. It had popped up the weekend of the Pyramid Atlantic Book Fair while Henry was the primary caregiver. For the first time ever.

That weekend I thought, what did you feed her? I know that is awful. But sometimes you have to wonder. But I knew that she hadn’t eaten eggs nor dairy in a while. She had been good. I had been good. So I had decided to cut out beef, which had shown up on her allergy test at one year. Did he give her beef?

So I withheld any accusations, cut out the beef, and waited for the rash to go away. By Thanksgiving, I broke down and started putting hydrocrotizone on her chin to improve things for her pictures. Still no beef, egg or dairy, unless there was no other option. Sometimes I get these wavy lines in front of my eyes if I get too hungry. So we can’t have that.

Her chin was improving, but on Friday night, it was bright red. Luckily I was seated next to Danyelle and Allyson, two veteran moms. She wasn’t eating any beef, but clearly she was allergic to something. The garlic? The onion? The spices? Instantly they replied the tomato. Ughhh… Lucy loves all things tomato.

This week, I have cut out the tomato and her chin has cleared up. She has even handed me her cream to put on her chin, but yesterday I put it away. Plus she was no longer waking up within a few hours of going to bed. It was great.

But last night, she had a little salsa. And the rash is back. Plus the early wake-up. And the need to nurse constantly, which is working against my weaning efforts. Looks like it is time for another dose of Benadryl.

On the bright side, maybe she wasn’t allergic to dairy, but the tomato sauce. I think once we clear the tomatoes out of her system, we will try a small touch of dairy again. This time not in the form of pizza. And I think beef can return to the menu, which is good. These food allergies are making me super cranky.

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