Show Me Something Beautiful

I am not a very good flyer. I am not sure what happened to me. I think that it was a very bumpy trip to Montreal in a prop jet that set me over the edge, followed by an emergency landing on our way to San Francisco. The stewardess never got out of her seat as we were tossed from cloud to cloud on our way to Montreal. I was sitting next to some public transportation engineer, who would not hold my hand. Since then, I have had a very hard time flying even when it is beautiful out.

I successfully tried an altrenative therapy approach to help keep me calm. I also love looking out the window. I love trying to guess where we are and find visible landmarks. I wish that there was a GPS system that served as an in-flight tour guide. Although I would not want to know if something bad were going on.

On our most recent flight to Florida, I did very well. I did not have a window seat on the way down, but I read the entire shopping issue of Real SImple and played several games of Sudoku. I was completely occupied. On the way back, I was lucky enough to have a window seat. However, I sort of dreaded it because most of the trip was over the Atlantic Ocean. There is not much to see out in the ocean, other than visions of crashing into the water.

I started out the trip with a small prayer and a simple request: “Show me something beautiful.” We head straight out from the coast of Florida. I noticed that we turned north once we reached this bright vivid blue streak in the ocean. It looks like a mountain range. So I don’t know if this is something out of the Bahamas or what. Any ideas?

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