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I am always amazed when I meet couples who have marked milestone anniversaries. Yesterday Victor and Sallie Tupitza celebrated their 62 years of wedded bliss. When I saw their wedding picture, I was surprised how much they still look like they did so many years ago, except I believe that Sallie has gotten even skinnier. I am not certain that is exactly fair. But she is so wonderful that I will forgive her.

We met Victor and Sallie when we first began attending Calvary three years ago after arriving in DC. Since I was working at home, I knew that I needed to aggressively seek out ways to meet people. The church was about two blocks away, almost the same walk from my parents’ house to Friendship. When the service included Spanish in the service, we decided to come back.

Sallie was one of the many amazing people everyone kept telling me about. Amy picked up pretty immediately that I was an artist and so is Sallie. We needed to meet. She arranged for us to put together some display on the altar. Sallie and I instantly hit it off. I asked Sallie to bring some of her work to share. I was amazed by her beautiful illustrations that she had drawn over the years. I loved her whimsical style full of curls and lines dancing around the page. I still hope to put together an exhibit of her work for everyone to see. That is a must for the next calendar year. Plus I love Sallie’s choice of modern and playful accessories. There aren’t that many women in their eighties whom you look at and think, I want those earrings!

Victor is quite amazing, too. I was in a meeting with him a couple of weeks ago with a summer intern about how to become a better minister. I was overwhelmed with how thoughtful and smart he is. Victor must have been an amazing minister. What could I possibly contribute after he shared his comments? Although he would never make you feel inferior in any way. When we left the meeting, I pushed the button for the elevator, which services the massive building all on its own. He looked at me and said, “Well, I usually take the stairs, but we have already pushed the button and might as well use the electricity.” A man after my own heart.

Each time I see Victor and Sallie, I am always lifted by their light-hearted spirit. They are full of joy and laughter. They are encouraging, insightful, creative, and incredibly young at heart. They are the perfect role model for us. Congratulations, Victor and Sallie.

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  1. John Taylor

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about two of my favorite CBCers.

  2. Musings

    I send my congrats to them too! How exciting to be together for 62 years. True role models!

  3. Marie Louise

    What a wonderful story. Pretty amazing that they have been together so long. And don’t they look great!
    I’m just discovering your blog – lots of great stuff – I’ll check back!

  4. Caroline Armijo

    Thanks for the comment, Marie Louise. They are such a great couple. I always seek them out each week.

    Your blog is great, too. So inspiring!

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