Rest Stop in Richmond

We took an hour break at the Children’s Museum in Richmond yesterday. Grams and Grandaddy live too far away. Whew. But we made it.

Children's Museum of Richmond

Lucy was so excited to see some people her size that she kissed a little boy on the lips as soon as he approached her in the cab. She may have kissed him a few times. And Grams begged her for a kiss all week.

Children's Museum of Richmond

This girl needs a steering wheel! Brendan is in town and we went to the National Air and Space Museum. She jumped the line twice for the little airplane. Then she arched her back and screamed when I ended up dragging her away.

We are packed and ready for a trip to NYC. We head out first thing in the morning to reunite with Dad for the first time in over a week. We had a terrible connection tonight on Skype. But she did recognize Daddy. She just doesn’t recognize where she should sit for him to see her. Or how easy it is for her to delete icons off of our desktop. iCal is MIA.

More updates from The Big Apple!

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