Somewhere during our two-mile hike to FedEx Field, we lost Lucy’s
pacifier, which was clipped to her baby carrier. Obviously it wasn’t
clipped very well. Midway through our second post-game chicken strip,
we realized it was gone. Henry couldn’t understand why I didn’t want
to retrace our exact steps back up a slippery grassy incline instead
of taking a brief shortcut through the woods. I promised Henry we
could find another.

Well, that was much easier said than done. I have started ordering
lots of baby items online. Plus Babies R Us, along with other big
stores, promise to give you a ten percent discount to "finish" your
registry. So I sat down to figure out where I had registered for my
binkie grip or where I could find another. I completely gave up on
taking advantage of BRU’s offer because the coupon code did not work.
I also figured out I could buy them all from Amazon for less. Or if I
run across it at a local shop, even better. But the missing binkie
grip still isn’t solved.

Alex was here for a very brief visit. So as I stood getting dressed, I
started looking at my crocheted necklace. Aha! And as long as I have
this baby on my chest, maybe it won’t look like I just left a rave.

I went to check out Chauncey’s store to see if he had any other colors
in stock. Not right now, but he has some great new work. Check it out.

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  1. Anonymous

    I like the picture. Th photgrapher did an excellent job yet she is not mentioned in the post!

  2. Caroline Armijo

    Yes, Jennifer, you are an excellent photographer! I am planning to post the pictures of you very soon. I am starting to think that I might do a recap of all of Lucy's visitors in a single post.

  3. Being Shrimanker

    I def need one of those necklaces!

  4. yesdavidishere

    Hi Caroline!

    Your baby is too cute! Thank you so much for the mention and link. I'm so glad you are continuing to enjoy the necklace. If you're still at Paper Source, tell everyone I said "Hey!"

    – David (Chauncey P. Graham)

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