Recreating the womb

I always speak to soon on this blog, because this week Lucy woke up at
3 and 5 one night; the next at 2, 3 and 4, at which time I pulled out
the Miracle Blanket. Then she slept until 8. Needless to say,
yesterday was not a banner day. I hated to admit to Jason that I still
hadn’t brushed my teeth, put my contacts in, nor showered by 3. But I
did soon after.

I spoke with Eris, seeking a few words of advice. Yes, she swaddled
Cama during every nap and she used the sleep positioner she handed
down to me. Lucy had been fussy for a few days, so I knew she really
needed a nap. I got out the neglected sleep positioner, pulled the
Miracle Blanket tight around her, and placed her in her crib. Other
than her pacifier falling out, she managed to sort of stay put.
Eventually she fell asleep for what seemed like eternity.

I was able to brush my teeth, shower, clean up and even wrote in my
journal. I even started to think, I don’t know what to do with all of
this time! But in the next thought, why do I torture myself with a to
do list? It seems that I can barely manage straightening up enough to
think, okay, now I’m ready to talk something new. The few things I’m
able to accomplish are on my phone. How would I survive without my
phone? Seriously, I even pay my bills on here.

Last night was a particularly social evening. Jason came over to watch
Election on a long overdue date. Then we went to meet Jody at Poste.
And we ran into part of The Nucleus – Josh, Regan, Kat and Carlos, as
we passed The Green Turtle. We are taking full advantage of no set
bedtime yet.

Once we laid her down, I thought she needs the self-rocking motion of
the Moses basket. Technically she’s not too big for it; she just
climbs the walls. Since she was all bundled up and in her sleep
positioner, I thought it would be a little harder to wiggle out of the
blanket. At least, I hoped.

Seems that way. After she finally fell asleep, I didn’t hear from her
all night. I did wake up around 3:30. And again at 6:30. Quarter of 7,
I went to make sure she wasn’t dead. This is how I found her. She had
slid all the way down to the bottom of the Moses basket and still
sound asleep. This is the second time I’ve had to wake her to eat in
less than 24 hours. Whoa…

And she is napping again now… Again for a second time today. I
managed to shower and brush my teeth during her first nap of the day.
Is this what is meant by "sleep begets sleep"?

The harsh reality is now I have to tackle my thank you notes. I’ve run
out of excuses. Plus, Happy Thursday! Lucy is ten weeks old. So hard
to believe.

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1 Comment

  1. Sarah

    At 14 months, sleep is still begetting sleep… if only I could still swaddle him! Happy snoozing to you all!

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