Ready for the summer

Alex arrived right on time to help us usher in the sweltering DC
summer. Let’s hope that it will be a little milder than usual.

But just in case, I bought Lucy a pair of UV400 sunglasses. (That
wasn’t a typo!) Plus she has this sweet flower petal hat, which seems
to swallow her head. I think the only way to keep it in place is with
the assistance of her BinkiGrip, a ribbon and clip that keeps her
pacifier close by.

But when it came down to it, I left her sun accessories at home and
just pulled the little hat cover on the Ergo carrier up over her head.
I’ve also discovered the hat is the perfect napkin/cover to protect
Lucy from any accidentally dropped food. We are taking advantage of
the hypnotizing effect the Ergo carrier has while we can.

We are out for the first stop on our gastrotour, Nando Peri Peri. It’s
a very late lunch or a very early happy hour. Alex and I are splitting
a meal, because the next stop is Brasserie Beck’s. I have already
contacted the restaurant and they are happy to make a dairy-free dish
of mussles upon request. I’m very excited.


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  1. Being Shrimanker

    I'm so jealous, wish I was there.

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