Portland’s Chinatown Gate

It seems that I have started quite a collection of Chinatown gates. I
caught this one while we were waiting for Karen and Stanley to rescue
us. I totally confused the Portland Saturday Market for the Farmer’s
Market at PSU on Saturday. We walked around all of these craft booths
searching for biscuits and bagels. I finally asked where the apples
were. That’s when someone pointed out the second market on a map all
the way across town. I caved and called Karen. Fortunately for us,
they were running late and on the way to the market.

Portland’s Chinatown may be the least developed of my collection: DC,
Seattle, Vancouver. I tried to keep moving as we waited and finally
found a few cute shops. We were in a small gallery and I spotted a
sign for some branch of the SCRAP. Good things are bubbling up in

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