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I am in the process of redesigning my web site. Well, I actually began working on the new design at the beginning of March. Then by late March, my work on fortunehearts came to a complete stand-still. Now I am determined to complete the project before Tuesday. With that I am salvaging some of my favorite pieces from my web site and redebuting them here on my blog. I added them to my web site before I had a blog. Although it would have been much more suitable for that type of format instead of allowing my web site to grow into a unweidly garden, if you will. So look for more in the very near future.

May 19, 2004

Today at work, my co-worker and I hosted a pocket art exhibit. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Lots of people in our office are thinking and talking about art. One co-worker even suggested that pocket art should be something that is passed along to others. Then you can see how long the piece takes to get back to you, which is a lot more fun than an email chain letter!

The idea for our lunch came from a commentary on pocket art by Walter Mosley I heard one morning on NPR.

Listen to it and look for your piece of pocket art. Think about what pocket art event you can host. Please share your experience with me.

Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind. – Louise Nevelson

Also a previous post on pocket art (I love this idea! Thanks, Walter.): making her pocket art debut

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