Planning Friday’s Picnic


Last Friday we went to the Capital Riverfront Concert Series in Yards Park. We had so much fun that we are already planning to head back this Friday night, as well.

Natalie told us about the event, but they were headed out of town. We invited Penelope and her family to join us. Much dancing ensued.



And rolling around on the boardwalk



And checking out the water


more dancing


and even a super cute little brother


The weather was so perfect, a miracle occurred.


The sunset cast beautiful colors across the Anacostia.


I decided that I love outdoor locations that feature lush grass,


modern architecture,


and old historic architecture that makes you wonder, “What was that used for?” Sorry no picture of the Lumber Yard. But here is the map.

For the band’s final number, they played an old favorite. Penelope knew just what to do. However Lucy made an awful face every time Penelope got a little too close. Hilarious. By the end, I think Lucy finally realized that she just wanted to teach her a new dance move.

Natalie warned me that I needed to bring a bathing suit for Lucy. However I didn’t warn Amy to bring one for Penelope. So we ended the evening in the fountains after the band pack up and headed home.

We had so much fun that we headed back the next evening for a family picnic on the great lawn. So please join us this Friday night at the concert. Who knows? We may head down for the Freedom Festival on Sunday or Monday to celebrate the Fourth, as well.

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