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Because of last weekend’s blizzard, I spent two extra nights in San Francisco. I guess that is why it has taken me almost a week to catch up from my trip and recover. On Sunday, I thoroughly explored Hayes Valley, which I absolutely adored. Most of the stores did not open until noon. So I sipped a vanilla latte and chatted on my cell phone until the stores started opening up.

Hayes Valley is such a sweet neighborhood. I started creating delusions of grandeur; I would come back to DC, find a building with a storefront and live upstairs. Yes, there is a place waiting for me in DC that would one day become Hayes Valley. Alas a quick look through craigslist helped me realize that my plans were a step ahead of my bank account and equity combined. One day…

Tucked away around the corner on Octavia Street, I stopped in Peace Industry. I knew that I was not in the market for a rug since I was traveling cross country. But I was curious by the name and by the designs. The owner told me that they commissioned artisans from Iran to create his wife’s beautiful modern designs. A square color swatch with an array of colors displayed the range of colors available for custom designs. The artisans are using their skills passed down for hundreds of years to create a new industry. I love the idea of them finding a new application for a dying craft. The rugs are wonderful.

Having just finished Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner literally the day before, I thought of the struggles and changes the Middle East has gone through over the last thirty plus years. I hope that the owners of Peace Industry find a way to give back to their community and origins. I hope that Peace Industry finds much success and, in turn, we continue to strive for peace in the Middle East. Appreciation of each other’s craft, tradition and culture is a step in that direction.

The Peace Industry web site includes a documentary about the rugs. Unfortunately I have not figured out how to view it on a Mac. If anyone has suggestions for me to watch it, please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy.

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