Paper Queen

This morning, I met with Briana Coyle of Crave Party, about being in the Spring issue of the Little Black Book and her upcoming wedding. I am going to create several different items for her guests. I brought samples of what I have been working on for the Paper Wedding at the Georgetown Paper Source this weekend. (I am demonstrating envelope embellishments at 4 pm, so please stop by to see my creations!)

As she saw my work, she mentioned that I was the paper queen and that it was much easier to grasp what I do in person, as opposed to my web site. I told her that I was in the process of updating my web site and wanting to shift my focus. She also pointed out the difference between custom and personalized designs. Custom are much more fun. I love creating something new for someone. Small weddings, like Briana’s, are fun. You are able to create something really special and individualized without knocking yourself out by the 50th version of it.

Anyway, I LOVED the fact that she called me the paper queen. I remember once seeing an article about floral designer Robert Isabell, who creates these magnificent displays of flowers for events. He was featured in the Absolut Isabell ads from 1998. When I saw his work, I thought I want to be the paper version of Robert Isabell. I found this interview with Isabell reprinted from Interview. I love reading about an artist’s personal history to see how their career developed. Of course, Isabell worked in a greenhouse as a child. You can see it in his work. He is a perfect example for my Art and Play thesis project.

Thinking about my own process for creating paper designs, I started thinking about my process for the samples for the Paper Wedding. My only rule was to go beyond the designs they asked for. I am still thinking of new ideas that I can create, while some are in the final stages of process. Last week, I took several different styles and colors of envelopes, note cards and flat papers from the workshop space. When I got to my studio I laid out all of the different sizes and colors in piles to see what I had. Then I just started putting things together. Yesterday I went back to the studio for several hours. I had picked up more missing pieces from Paper Source on Saturday night. I discovered that my file folder actually works better as a small book. I need to create some designs to print on the envelopes. Now I just need to start printing.

Graphic design and print is such an integral part of what I do and how I think. It has been really hard not having a fully functioning computer at my studio. I design and print at home and then create at the studio. I just can’t fully think of one without the other. However that will soon change. I am going to get a new laptop this week. I am very excited about that. Almost as happy as being called the paper queen.

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