paper helicopter

A helicopter made of paper from jasp on Vimeo.

Following my previous cake entry, it’s obvious that I love pretty much anything that involves a simple piece of paper and scissors. Even though I don’t really know what this guy is saying, it is totally worth the wait to see the little helicopter fly above the apartment-lined streets of Spain. I love hearing him say “Adios” at the end.

I wish that there was a sweet message written on the helicopter’s wings. It reminds me of when we tied messages to balloons and set them free in Bible School when we were little. Of course, that was before we realized that the balloons aren’t so good for the birds.

And for all of you who are humming 99 Red Balloons right now, alas the magic of YouTube. (And 99 Luft Balloons, too.)

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  1. i'm kelly

    this is awesome! thanks for posting!

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