Out and about

We ventured out and about this weekend, during which Lucy had her
first taste of her somewhat native cuisine of Spanish food. Amazingly
the passing buses drowned out the few times she cried while we dined
al fresco at Jaleo. Visions of early afternoon neighborhood patio
tours filled my head. Let’s hope that DC presents us with a mild
summer this year.

Prior to our snack, we hopped in the National Building Museum for a
look at a photography exhibit and their fabulous gift shop. I’ve been
beginning to feell a little stir crazy. So it’s great that we live
within five minutes of countless places to walk without worrying about
car seats, parking, nor even a diaper change.

I realized that we are living in an ideal place to have a baby. If we
had a parking space (which our neighbors generously let us borrow
around the birth) and a proper guest room for Grandma, it would be
perfect. There are just a few feet between the bed, bathroom, fridge,
nursery and pumping station. I’ve even thought maybe I should figure
out how to fit a hot tub in our guest bath and ship Lucy off to stay
with Alex for birth number two. Kidding!!! Well, at least about the
hot tub.

After we left Jaleo, I felt adventurous enough to venture down to
Barnes and Noble and 12th and E. I am in serious need of some pleasure
reading. I have finally started reading all of those baby books,
including the revered "Happiest Baby on the Block." Since she is the
only baby in the building, I’m certain our neighbors will appreciate
that this book has moved from the book shelf to my nursing station. As
for pleasure reading, I picked up David Sedaris’ "When You Are
Engulfed in Flames." I love that I can picture certain places he
describes in his stories, like Crabtree Valley Mall, the Winston-Salem
Costco, or a smokey Southern family gathering. Plus, now that I am
officially a mom, I bought my first copy of Cookie Magazine. I can’t
decide if I should subscribe. Henry declared that I I should only if I
want it to go under.

As for today, I began and ended the day with my first outings without
the baby. I made it to church for Amy’s last Sunday before her
sabbatical. Although Lucy did make it to coffee hour to wish her a
great send off. We will miss her this summer. Then tonight, I went to
Target to buy a few necessities, including a lot of knit clothes. I
realize the importance of easy over the shoulder undressing at this
stage in my life. How quickly your priorities change.

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  1. Sarah

    Wow! You are about 1000x more put-together than I was at this point in J's life! Congratualtions on getting out and about!

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